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Finding hope in a hopeless world.

I’m finally feeling a true sense of happiness. Getting my life on track. I applied for a hairdressing apprenticeship and I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. But it’s real, I got an interview! For Tuesday. And I just want to scream it to the world.

Maybe I can finally do something, and get on with everything. At a time where I was feeling completely hopeless this has lifted my spirits +100000!

Hope is somewhere. Just hold on.

It does get better take it from a girl who has struggled for so long, but finally starting to win.

Video has everything sorted all I need to do now is record and edit! So should hopefully be up by Tuesday! Before my interview.

Don’t forget to smile, and if someone hasn’t told you today, you are doing a freaking awesome job, so hang in there!

Love always,

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Finding happiness in small thing.

Finding happiness in small thing.

After a long day of procrastination to do nothing, i finally got my sorry ass out of bed, had a bath and played with my sister.
We first did make-up, although her trying to put bright pink eye shadow on me was not really my style, i still managed to have a laugh out of it.
To my beautiful 3 year old sister, who is well above her age, you still manage to amaze me everyday.
From bath time, with you giving me advice on how im going to make friends when i get bigger. To moments like today when im so glad to have you around.
You are the reason i smiled today.
So thank you.

Love always,

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