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Im busy, but when i look back, im not really.

It has been a rather busy week for me.

Monday- So tired couldnt get out of bed, dad yelled at me.. Yay. Then i got up went to work with him, did a little bit of study.. not much. Came home and slept. Also no appetite,

Tuesday- Monday night i took a natural sleeping pill thing, it took me so long to get to sleep and i woke up a few times. Then in the morning i felt like a train had hit me, i couldnt move or do anything, i was the most tired i have been in forever! (Not taking that shit again). Went to study group for my social interaction, which was crap.

Wednesday (today)- got up and went to study group this morning, came home and cleaned my room a little, it was a mess. Editing my video, which i will put up soon! 🙂 But now feeling shit about everything.

I got told that i cant go to group therapy so im slightly f*cked off about that.. Stupid health system.. and yeah. 

Im going to see my grandparents and mum this weekend.. Should be okay, but at least its a long weekend and monday is off! 

Sorry for not updating in a while, but i seriously have not had the time to just sit and process my thoughts. Which i will be doing this afternoon. 

Hope everyone is doing good!

Oh and if you have anything at all you want to ask me or even just want to chat:

Email: gabbywarkworth@hotmail.com

KIK: KiwiGirlForever

Skype: gab_stars


Love always,



I havent mentioned this yet, but i have had a boyfriend for 3 months and we just broke up, im going to do a post about it soon! Dont forget to follow! 🙂 


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