A time that comes in everyone’s life. Where they are no longer a child but also not ready for adulthood yet. The awkward inbetween as I call it.

You are forced to think about your future. Which most of the time I have no freaking clue. I cant even make up my mind about what I want to eat. Let alone what I want to do for the rest of my life. Or the matter of fact that I dont know if I want the rest of my life.

I want to travel and see the world but I dont like people/crowd’s and everything.
I want to be happy but at the same time I have become addicted to my sadness. The fact that I cant let it go scares me even more. Or maybe its the fact that it wont let me go… I’m full of contradictions.

Well I guess I better get back to planning for my future, or maybe I will just stick to tomorrow for now.

Sleeping update:
Insomnia is getting terrible again. I need more sleep… Around 3 to 6 hours per night im getting at the moment. No wonder im grumpy…

Average mood this weekend. Tired and a bit low at times. Tonight is a low night.. but im staying with my grandparents.  Who always take the time to look after me…

Mask is up this weekend. Will probably be dropped tomorrow a little when I get back home. Im going to try my best to hold it together though.

Wish me luck.

Will be doing a plan of what I want to accomplish this week tomorrow. And have a few more posts coming. And writing the next video soon.

Love always,



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